Personalized Health, On Demand

Getting the right support, engagement and education to the right person at the right time is what Curatio is all about. We help you deliver clinically proven self-management solutions that empower people to lead their healthiest lives - all through a private mobile app platform.

We Help You Connect People

Decades of research show that when people have peer support and personalized programs, they live healthier, happier lives and cost the system less. Here’s how we do it.

Private Peer

Our proprietary matchmaking approach helps your users get the private peer support, motivation and social sharing they need for improved health, adherence and wellbeing.

Lifestyle Intervention

Deliver clinically proven programs that result in healthier living - including stress reduction, healthy eating, exercise, weight management, smoking cessation, and more.

Branded Community
& Content

Boost your outreach and extend your brand, making it easier to deliver effective health education that builds loyalty, relationships and engagement.

Challenges, Motivation
& Rewards

Make healthy living fun! Our evidence-based approach to incentivizing healthy behaviors helps keep engagement high.

Daily Health

Simplify disease management with risk assessment tools and personalized daily trackers. Set goals and measure results.

Data Analytics
& Insights

Data analytics and insights that help you measure the ROI and population health information you need.

Connected Health + Personalized Self-Management = Better Results

We help Providers, Employers, Payers and Brands to empower self-management at a massive scale and affordable cost.

We help Providers engage patients between episodes of care and scale population health outreach.

Lower Readmissions, Scale Engagement and Reduce Costs

Research shows that patients have significantly improved outcomes when they have these 3 things: A support network upon discharge, validated education about lifestyle behaviors, and tracking and progress tools. Are you missing any of these? Curatio can help!

We help Employers offer evidence-based, prevention programs that build brand, engagement and retention.

Build a Caring Culture And A Healthier, Productive Workforce

Research shows that every $1 spent on employee wellness generates $3 to $5 ROI.

We help Payers deploy new, cost-effective ways to support care plan adherence.

Boost Compliance And Self-Management

Research shows self-monitoring of health indicators to be the
most important predictor of changing health-related behaviours.

We help Brands deliver branded engagement to improve adherence and education.

Build Loyalty And Brand Engagement

Research shows 87% of consumers who interacted with a company daily feel loyal to that company.

Clinical Evidence, Impressive Results

Our clinical research shows Curatio users have statistically significant improvements in:

Health Directed

& Skill Acquisition

Skill Social Integration
& Well-being

How It Works

We make it easy for you to engage, support and
measure the health of your community in 5 simple steps

Invite people to join your community or grow your reach through lead generation

Participants download free app and onboard in seconds

Showcase your own branded, trusted health content or leave it to us!

Participants enjoy programs, challenges, trackers and social sharing

Set goals, track outcomes, engagement and ROI

Hear Farrah's story

Hear Donna's Story

Hear Farrah's story and her desire for personalized health support as a colon cancer survivor.

Learn about the importance of social connectedness through Donna's experiences with Parkinson's. Curatio provides patients with personalized health tools and resources you can rely on.

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