Curatio’s platform is available for licensing to hospitals, healthcare providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, government, and NGOs in a white label or sponsorship model. Licensors can integrate the platform with existing programs, or use as its own private social network.

Curatio’s features are modular and can be formatted to best suit the patient needs of each provider. Learn more about how each feature can help to empower patients and improve quality of care.



AI Agent


Our friendly AI agent helps to guide users through the app’s onboarding process, and helps with app navigation for new users.

AI Agent@2x.png

Based on a provider’s individual needs for their patients, the AI agent can be tailored to include specific features, reactions, and content.



Curatio’s proprietary algorithm matches users to create personalized support circles.


Patients are able to get the individualized support they need from other people who understand exactly what they’re going through.



Patients can easily track their symptoms and visualize their progress over time using Curatio’s configurable gesture-based trackers.

Gesture-Based Tracker@2x.png

Choose from an existing set of trackers or work with us to create new trackers, and collect de-identified population health data.



Easily remind patients about upcoming medications and refills, configurable with drug libraries.


Track the health behaviours and self-management of your patients by collecting de-identified population health data.

karma points


Reward patients by distributing Karma Points, a reciprocal points program for participation and supporting others

Karma Points@2x.png

Patients are encouraged to ask questions, offer support in the community, and share advice and stories with their peers.

adverse events monitoring


The Adverse Events Module handles in-app AE by using filtration and Natural Language Processing techniques.

AE Filtering@2x.png

Curatio’s AI Agent automates communication with the user and generates weekly reports for record keeping.