Connect, Share & Find Support for Perimenopause

Magnolia from the Perimenopause blog wrote a fantastic piece on Curatio and how we are helping to connect women going through perimenopause to give them the support they are so often lacking during this difficult stage of life.

The original article can be read on The Perimenopause Blog


I was 40-something years old before I owned a cell phone, had an email address, or used the Internet in any significant way. That’s because during the 1990s the Internet was in its infancy stage. The only people who were online during that time were techno-geeks and the military. Now, in the late 2000s, I make my living off the Internet and spend a significant portion of my day and life online.

I shop online. I bank online. I pay my bills online. I earned my master’s degree almost entirely online. I communicate with my physicians and access my health and medical records online. I keep in touch with my children, family, and friends, either online through Facebook or Twitter, or through email and my smartphone.

But, living one’s life online has its downsides too.  Take social media, for example, a concept which has revolutionized the way we all communicate by capitalizing on the basic human need to form relationships with other people, to be a part of a social group, or to connect with those with whom we have things in common. And if you have a smartphone, it’s literally at the tip of your fingers 24/7.

Not only can it be overwhelming at times to be perennially connected and engaged via the Internet, but, there is also the fact that virtually all privacy is potentially lost when we engage online.  It’s one thing to chit chat online with total strangers about meaningless topics or politics and current events. But, it’s quite another to reveal deep and intimate personal issues online, like for example, things regarding our health.

But Curatio understands the challenges of living in an impersonal high tech world, yet still needing and desiring personal human connection and support, while maintaining our privacy at the same time.  Especially as it pertains to our health. And just what is Curatio?

Curatio is an APP

Curatio is a free smartphone app available on iOS and the web, with an Android version coming soon!

The concept is simple, but also brilliant at the same time.  Curatio is the world’s first social health prescription.

It is a private mobile platform which connects patients and their families to the personalized support, education, and disease management tools that make living with a health challenge easier.

And Curatio is on a mission to find every patient in the world a match and personalized support for whatever health challenge they may be facing!

Imagine the Curatio app as a private Facebook with the matchmaking of online dating, and the content personalization of Netflix!  The app is free for anyone to join, and offers various health programs, and daily tracking tools that allow women to better manage their health.

Did Someone Say “Private Menopause Community?”

Yes! Curatio has developed a private online community for women going through perimenopause, menopause, and those of us who are post-menopause (yee-haw!), who are looking to connect with other women and gain the support and answers they need.

Because perimenopause and menopause are such deeply personal health experiences, Curatio understands that not everyone feels comfortable discussing the symptoms and experience in a public forum, and in some cases even with a doctor!  With the Curatio app, women can privately connect with one another without providing any specific information to their identity.  And Curatio’s mission is simple: We want women to understand they are NOT alone on this journey!

And doesn’t that speak to us, ladies? Perimenopause can be a very isolating experience and the isolation is compounded by the fact that oftentimes we can’t discuss it with anyone who really understands – unless they are going through it too. Curatio understands and wants to help women open up the discussion surrounding perimenopause and menopause and connect with one another.

I Love This Concept

As a smartphone user and one who makes her living online and with technology, I personally love this concept. When I’m struggling with occasional bouts of depression associated with changing estrogen levels in menopause, I can’t trot over to my neighbor’s house and discuss it with her.  She might understand the personal challenges of depression in general, but she won’t understand the challenges with depression many women face in menopause, if she’s not in menopause herself.

Curatio’s mission is simple: We want women to understand they are NOT alone on this journey!

Curatio tackles that challenge head on by helping women connect with other women facing the same health challenges, but enabling us to maintain our privacy as well.  Seriously? Can it get it any better than that? Access to a private online community of likeminded people?

No, it really doesn’t.  Well, okay, it can get better because it’s also free!  All it takes is downloading the app to your smartphone and signing up.  I downloaded the app last week and set up my account.  It’s simple and it’s easy.  You will find coaches, tutorials, and health tools which enable you to track and monitor your symptoms.  And of course, the ability to connect with other women who understand exactly what you’re going through.

Want to Learn More?

Check out Curatio’s website where you can learn more about the app and the creators with their unique and smart vision! You can also connect with Curatio on social media here at Facebookon Twitter, and here at LinkedIn as well.

And as an interesting aside, Curatio was also featured on Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank) and had all Dragon’s onboard!  Dragon’s Den is a popular Canadian reality program that reaches 25% of all Canadians. Check out the video here where Curatio CEO Lynda Brown-Ganzert  pitches the company on the show to a panel of notable investors!

Check it out and download the app, ladies!  Then add me to your circle so we can connect and share our stories!

Stephanie Oey