Life after Menopause: Dawn’s Story

“When I was going through perimenopause and menopause I was told by a doctor at the Cleveland clinic in Toronto that I was in the top percentile when it came to severity of symptoms. It was terrible! I experienced anxiety, depression, tinnitus and wicked mood swings. And to top it all off I couldn’t sleep. This all resulted in what is referred as ‘meno brain’, foggy thinking that caused a lot of grief and made me behave quite strangely.

I also had menopausal tremor, which made me shake quite badly. My husband would have to steady me by holding me tightly. It was as though I was going through withdrawal from a drug like heroin. After that happens to you, you truly wonder what the heck is going on!

Prior to menopause I had never had a day of anxiety or depression. I am just shy of six feet tall and I always considered myself a strong, capable woman. Perimenopause and menopause took that away from me, which I resent very much.

I want women to know my story because I didn’t have much information until my symptoms hit me like a ton of bricks. No one was talking about the really serious stuff.”


Stephanie Oey