Life after Menopause: Elizabeth’s Story

“When I was 37, my PMS symptoms began to escalate and I was miserable. It was like a dark storm cloud in the sky, I could see it coming closer and that when it was overhead IT WAS GOING TO BE EXPLOSIVE! I went to doctor who claimed I was too young for perimenopause. He blamed it on my unhappy home life. I started to have Panic Attacks, hot flashes, night sweats, and I couldn’t sleep through the night.  My periods became less frequent about every 2-3 months and it became clear that my doctor was wrong.

I started to gain weight, about 2lbs per month. My migraine headaches began to be more frequent and my mood swings were dramatic. I tried making healthy life changes. Eating healthy, being physically active and trying to remove any stress factors from my life, but the perimenopause symptoms continued.

Now I am 52 years old and I have 2-3 menstrual periods per year and I am much more at ease emotionally. Yes, I still get moody occasionally (good & bad) and the hot flashes are still bad (in the winter I walk around with no hat or scarf and my coat undone in -30C weather I swear I can melt the snow with the heat radiating off me)

Having a community for women going through perimenopause has helped so much. It makes me realize I am not the only one. I am now ready for the next stage of life which I think just might be the best!!!!”


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Mother, grandmother, nurse, daughter

Stephanie Oey