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Curatio CEO, Lynda Brown-Ganzert, will be presenting at the Future of Pharma Marketing Summit on the need for personalized, peer-to-peer patient support. By leveraging the power of private social networks, Curatio has attracted users in over 85 countries and has been recognized as a leader delivering personalized patient support at scale.

Curatio CEO Lynda Brown-Ganzert

Curatio CEO Lynda Brown-Ganzert

About Curatio

Curatio is a mobile first, digital healthcare application that provides patients experiencing a health event or new diagnosis with the social connection they need to take control of their own health. Curatio’s unique solution addresses a gap in the healthcare system that can leave newly diagnosed patients without a support system.

Using the app, patients can connect with peers who have gone through the same experiences and who understand what they’re going through. Curatio also works directly with providers to ensure that patients have access to verified educational information and research that helps them to better understand their condition.

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The result is patient populations that are adherent to treatment, engaged with their communities, and supported in their health journeys.

Healthcare is jumping quickly into the digital age, with 21% of respondents of Change Healthcare’s 9th Annual Industry Pulse Survey indicating that they currently use machine learning, and 51% planning to use the technology in the future. Curatio is ahead of the curve with their in-app AI Health Buddy — a novel way to support patients at scale.

Using Artificial Intelligence, the in-app Health Buddy acts as a guide to patients who may be navigating a new diagnosis for the first time or needing support with their daily disease management. Patients are welcomed into a community of peers who understand what they are going through — and the first step of entering this community is a conversation with their AI Buddy. Personalized onboarding will help users navigate through the app into their own private health network.

Interestingly, the same survey reveals that many health companies have a concerning lack of attention toward cybersecurity. Although 40% of healthcare leaders see cybercrime as a potential risk, 38% answered that there are “too many competing priorities” to warrant the level of attention that cybersecurity needs.

The need for privacy is especially important in healthcare, when patients are searching for information pertaining to their diagnosis, and sharing personal and sensitive materials with their peers online. Unlike in traditional social media sites, Curatio users own their own data, and they are free to choose how much information they share on the platform. Personal data is not disclosed to any third parties, meaning that patients are provided with a safe environment to share and discuss their conditions with their peers, without being concerned about any breaches of privacy as in general, unspecialized social media sites.

In a 2018 study of patient-to-patient peer mentor support published by Bennett et al., researchers demonstrated that support between patients is particularly valued when it is delivered between peers who can genuinely empathize with each other. Curatio’s community-based approach and proprietary matchmaking algorithm enforces this model by connecting patients within a circle of their peers with similar interests, diagnoses, and who understand what they’re going through.Bennett’s study found that investing time into a formal program such as this may benefit the overall healthcare system through time savings in other areas of care, such as counseling and education.

In addition to benefits to the healthcare system, peer-to-peer interactions first and foremost benefit the patients. It was found in a 2018 study from Grunberg et al., that interactions between people with similar health conditions promoted patient empowerment through an exchange of information and recognition of difficulties.

Also of note from the Grunberg et al. study is that participants most highly endorse the ability to access a peer support network through mobile technology, with smartphones being the preferred means of internet access. As a mobile-first health solution, Curatio’s robust platform puts health monitoring tools, social support, and educational programs in the hands of every patient — positioning itself as an accessible support network for patients worldwide.

Our Solution Works

Published clinical results have shown that private, personalized peer groups created around health conditions and goals can meaningfully improve outcomes.

In a study of chronic illness patients who used Curatio, researchers found statistically significant improvements, with 80% of users showing an increased interest in self-management, 75% showing improved health behaviours, and 71% showing improved social integration.

One particular example of Curatio’s white-label deployments lies in a community created exclusively for patients of a particular rare disease. The community provides its users with content and a safe space for patients to discuss their personal health challenges, leading to growth at a rate of 90–100 new user acquisitions each month, 40% retention of monthly active users, and an average of 101 monthly sessions per user.

Curatio’s solution is trusted by global pharmaceutical companies, and the platform is currently used in over 85 countries and 4 languages.

Curatio has been recognized by thought leaders worldwide — most recently by Medical, Marketing, and Mediaas one of 40 Top Healthcare Transformers. Curatio is also the recent recipient of the Women’s Entrepreneurial Fund to support its fast-growing and robust platform used by health organizations around the world.


Why Partner with Curatio?

You want to better understand your patient populations, deliver best in class support and find new ways to acquire, engage, and retain your patients in the long term. Curatio provides an easy and customizable way for you to support your patients and improve their adherence and engagement. Our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing branded offerings so that you can build these patient relationships in a privated, curated environment that your patients trust.

Increase your patient acquisition and lead generation using Curatio’s network of providers, patients, and partners. Curatio uses artificial intelligence and a proprietary matchmaking algorithm to deliver scalable, personalized social support to your patient populations.

Curatio offers reports and insights to your team to better understand your patients. With Curatio, you can measure persistence, satisfaction, and qualitative and quantitative outcomes that improve long-term engagement. We are the only global privacy and regulatory compliant platform, designed exclusively to help healthcare providers improve patient outcomes.

See why Curatio is trusted by patients, families, and healthcare organizations worldwide.

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