Patient Stories

Curatio currently helps patients in over 85 countries, and is available in 4 languages. Hear more from our patients on how joining Curatio has allowed them to connect with a community of people who know exactly what they’re going through.

No patient should be alone. Curatio is on a mission to give every patient on the planet the support they need.

When you join a Curatio community, you’re connected directly with another person who shares your health condition, providing you with instant, private, social support right from your mobile device. It's private, free, no ads, no retargeting and you own your data.



ThaliMe is Curatio’s private social network connecting a rare disease community, and the only social network designed especially for the Thalassemia community.

See how one patient uses ThaliMe to keep track of his personal medical data and stay on top of his condition.


As the Community Manager of ThaliMe’s Greek community, Thekla uses the app to help build connections between patients worldwide.

Learn more about her experience as a thalassemia patient and Community Manager for ThaliMe.



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