Wowing TED Guests with BC’s medical technology

VANCOUVER, BC – BC tech stars were on display at the Innovative Medical Technology Showcasefor TED Conference guests hosted by the BC Innovation Council (BCIC) and LifeSciences BC in Vancouver on February 15. Thirteen presenting companies showed attendees some of the best in BC’s medical tech sector at business accelerator VentureLabs.

TED2016: Dream prompts people to imagine ­– to consider what’s possible. Companies like Aspect Biosystems, Precision NanoSystems and the Victoria Hand Project make it seem like anything is possible. Their innovative technologies offer huge potential to improve people’s quality of life – and indeed, their longevity. Guests were abuzz witnessing the talent in these life sciences companies.

“We were delighted to present some of the extraordinary businesses that are leading BC’s medical technology growth,” says Greg Caws, CEO of BCIC. “Technology like this is impactful on an industry, an economic and, of course, an individual level. Everyone has a connection to these medical innovations – whether they’re an athlete putting their health first with HeadCheck Health, a woman or child who can access affordable risk assessment with LGTmedical or a medical student learning withConquer Mobile’s VR education technology.”

“This has been a wonderful opportunity for our medical technology companies to showcase the extremely important work they’re developing right here in BC. It is impactful med-tech discovery such as we’ve seen here today, that positions our life science cluster alongside the best in the world. We can’t be shy about what we are doing here in Vancouver and around the province – it is world class discovery,” says Paul Drohan, President & CEO of LifeSciences BC.

The presenting companies also included Curatio, Fusion Genomics, RepliCel Life Sciences,Response Biomedical, Rostrum Medical Innovations, Shield-X Technology Inc. and Wearable Therapeutics.

TED2016: Dream is in Vancouver until February 19. For the third year in a row, TED will be livestreamed so you can attend the conference from home. Learn more about TED Live.


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