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Network for Health


No Patient alone.

We’re on a mission to leave no patient alone. Whether you’re looking to give support or get support, we’ll match you with one of our community members who understands first-hand the difficulties of coping with a health challenge.

Curatio Lynda Brown-Ganzert

making a difference

Clinical care is said to make up 10% of Health Outcome Drivers, with the other 90% based on social, economic, behaviors and environment factors.

At Curatio, we know that social is the missing piece for healthcare transformation. We provide patients, caregivers, families and providers with private peer social networks that significantly improve health behaviors, adherence, wellbeing and quality of life. These networks provide more than just support. They give voice to the patient experience and engage them to share their stories, knowledge and insights in a way that is private, personalized and highly valuable to others.

Our social plugin is an easy, scalable way for providers to address the other 90% of health and empower the patient story resulting in long-lasting engagement and retention.



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